Current Art Exhibition

"The environment has always been a strong influence on my work – its power, its delicate balance and harmonies, its colour, patterns and energy.
Another powerful influence on my work is the power of the elements and the links with the influences of feng shui. 
Almost all of my work shows the elements – fire, air, earth, water and metal.

Landscape is still the major subject in my work. It has a haunting appeal. The shapes within the landscape have a calligraphy all their own.
A feature of my work is to show a duality, a combination of several views – aerial, ground and underground in many of my landscapes. 
I build the paintings on many layers of thin glazes in order to create depth and transparency to the colour."
- Margaret Salt

Visit the Dunstone Design Gallery to view some of Margaret's latest works.

A painting by Margaret Salt previously shown in Dunstone Design Gallery