Thinking about craft...

Thursday, February 20 2014

I recently met a chap at a social event who, after the inevitable “what do you do?” conversation, launched in to a gleeful explanation of..

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From the Workshop

Thursday, November 14 2013

Our master maker of cabinets, Rolf Barfoed, discusses the pit-falls of explaining to his peers what he does for a living…

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Originality in Furniture

Wednesday, November 6 2013

Evan ponders on the nexus between originality and craftsmanship.

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Evan's "bad design rant" on Radio National's By Design with Fenella Kernebone (9th Oct, 2013)

Wednesday, October 9 2013

Evan responded to an invitation by Fenella Kernebone to "have a rant" about bad design.

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AWISA Magazine Article

Monday, July 8 2013

A thoughtful article on our work was published in edition 15 of AWISA Magazine. Go to to read more.

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