The Dunstone Design Team

Photobooths made in collaboration with "The Photo Booth Guys", Brisbane. 

Dunstone Design Makers MarkWe love collaborating with other businesses to arrive at a product that is mutually beneficial. This is a slightly different process to a “normal” commission. For example, in 2014 we were approached by Steve and Sophie of the Brisbane company “The Photo Booth Guys”. Their business is one of the most successful Photobooth companies in Australia and they even have a significant presence in the UK.

The dynamic pair were looking for a craft manufacturer who could develop and refine their signature photobooths. With a growing business and a market leading “look”, The Photo Booth Guys needed a partner with the craftsmanship, design input and capacity to meet their current needs as well as handle their planned expansion. Dunstone Design was able to take an existing design and refine it both aesthetically and practically. The “Mark 2” Photobooth is now being shipped all over Australia and to the UK.


A Sydney based company came to us with a complex prototyping problem. Their product involved a combination of wood, aluminium and fabric. The product (which has yet to be released) required a very high level of craftsmanship, as well as the potential for small batch production, high “green” values and the potential for evolving the design and the production methods over time.

This client had been to China several times, as well as looked all over Australia to find the right collaborator. Imagine their surprise when the answer turned out to be found in Canberra! Our team was able to resolve some of the difficult technical hurdles, as well as to innovate some custom solutions that were also highly manufacturable. We hope to have an ongoing involvement with this exciting project.


The Alpha Chair Kit was the result of a collaboration between Dunstone Design and Denis Brown of Corsair Sustainable timbers. Denis had more than 20 year's worth of timber "shorts" in otherwise premium timber that had no ready market. He approached Evan to see if there was a product that could use up this valuable but neglected resource. Evan designed the Alpha Chair Kit to make use of the unusual sizes and sections and he and Alex put the product into production. 

The Design Team

Alex joined Dunstone Design at the age of 17 in 2006. Alex and Evan have been working together for the best part of a decade and have put into production more than 10 chair designs, as well as a myriad of other products and items.
No item is too complex nor jig too daunting. Wether you need a small batch production item or a complex prototype resolved, we can can get it done.

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