Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture

There will be times when, for all sorts of reasons, we simply won’t be able help you. I’m sometimes asked “who else does good work”? Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture make great value furniture from a wide variety of Australian hardwoods. They are particularly adept at slab dining tables. Ross and Julie have a factory and showroom in Wagga Wagga, as well as a showroom in Sydney. Eclipse stock the Sabine chair and we customise the seat and back for them to suite whichever timber is appropriate. Tell them Evan sent you.

Humble House Gallery

Humble House is Australia’s leading gallery of genuine Chinese antiques. Their sumptuous showroom is only a stone’s throw from the Dunstone Design showroom and the collection of pieces they hold is simply stunning. As a woodworker, I simply marvel at the quality and clarity of the craftsmanship. As a designer, I am intrigued by the Chinese approach to form, message (Chinese furniture often depicts a story or saying) and function. Many of our clients also have pieces from Humble House. Tell Roger and Weilian that Evan sent