Dunstone Design Bespoke Furniture Workshop

Dunstone Design Workshop

Evan Dunstone selects timber for next bespoke furniture project.

Dunstone Design's workshop/showroom is situated at Unit 3/5 Aurora Pl, Queanbeyan, NSW. The workshop is attended 7am to 5pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am to 2pm Saturdays. 

Dunstone Design's workshop occupies two adjacent units in an industrial park. The workshop is a well equipped space with modern machinery and a wide selection of hand tools. Unlike many studio furniture makers, Dunstone Design has the infrastructure to handle projects of all sizes with ease, on time.  You will experience a range of our furniture designs when you visit our workshop/showroom, as well as seeing all the projects that we are working on.

We specialize in original contemporary chairs. No other form of furniture places such demands on the designer or the craftsman, nor gives such everyday familiar pleasure to the owner. We have equipment and processes dedicated to chair making but to date we don’t use any CNC machines in our workshop. This is not because we are philosophically opposed to CNC technology (we have used it from time to time on various projects), rather because the approach doesn’t suit our way of making. For example, when a client orders a set of six chairs, we select the timber and make six matching chairs from the same log, from scratch. Each suite of chairs is a total composition, made a set at a time. CNC machines would not assist us for these small, personalized runs.

At a time when most furniture makers are avoiding chairs, Dunstone Design is excelling at them.