Dunstone Gordon Professional in bamboo and rockmaple. Workbenches
Dunstone Design makes a range of bespoke work benches using HNT Gordon, Lie Nielsen, Benchcrafted and Lake Erie mechanisms. We are the approved workbench makers for HNT Gordon and Lie Nielsen in Australia. There is no universal workbench design or suite of hardware that will suit every woodworker. Your workbench reflects what you make and how you make it. If you travel a lot and give demonstration, the Moravian will be perfect. If you are a professional maker, a wide bench with a stable top will be ideal and you’ll love the Dunstone Gordon Professional. If you predominantly make cabinets with hand tools, then the Lie Nielsen will be ideal. And if you want a workbench that is as much a statement as it is a functional bench, then you can’t go past the Roubo with Benchcrafted fittings. We will design and make you the perfect bench for your practice without compromise on materials, hardware or performance.
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Dunstone Design offers a select range of Masterclasses throughout the year. We use our highly experience team and excellent range of equipment to provide real-world experience to the aspiring professional and the serious enthusiast. Through our extensive experience, we have developed a range of tools and kits for woodworking enthusiasts. The MacFarlane Bowsander and TC Scraper were evolved for our own needs but are now offered to the woodworking community. Our Alpha chair kit and Beta stool kit were developed for the home enthusiast or woodworking student so that you can experience chairmaking in your own workshop. Whatever piece of equipment we have developed, you can be assured that it is all built to exacting Dunstone Design standards.
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