Design & Development Two Week Option

How do you develop you own design style? How does a designer respond to a challenging brief? How do you design a piece of furniture that is both technically sound and creatively original? Join special guest Adam Rogers with Evan Dunstone for a two week furniture design intensive. This one-of-a-kind Masterclass runs from Monday 9th to Friday 20th September, 2019. Total cost $4,500 incl. GST (see terms and conditions below).
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$4,500.00 (GST inc.)

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There is no other course like this available in Australia.

For the history and the full breakdown of this course, go to Evan's blog.

Adam Rogers is a multi-award-winning designer, craftsman and teacher. He has served as Director of Design + Product Development at Thos. Moser Furniture and was a visiting Professor of Woodworking and Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Adam holds a Master of Fine Arts in Furniture Design + Woodworking and now runs his own studio in Cumberland, Maine, USA. Evan Dunstone is a Churchill Fellow in chair design and has been running Dunstone Design since 1998. Evan has taught at the Australian School of Fine Furniture, the Sturt School for Wood and The Canberra School of Art. Evan, along with John Madden, was one of the organisers of Wood Dust, the Australian International Timber and Woodworking Festival in 2018.
The Process
This intensive two-week course will cover all aspects of the creative design process. In week one you will take a basic concept and work it up to an original design ready for making.  In week two, you will work on your piece in the Dunstone Design workshop under the guidance of Adam, Evan and Dunstone Design craftsman William Bayliss. We will cover drawing, prototyping, model making, experimentation and design play. Adam and Evan will show you when to follow the rules and when to break them. Between us, we will help you find new ways to unlock your design potential and to develop your personal style. In week one, the group will cover some advanced techniques, including the safe use of the spindle moulder, the best ways to plan and execute a curved lamination, the planning and laying of re-sawn veneers and much, much more. In week two, you will be free to explore all the possibilities of your design in one of the best equipped workshops in Australia.

The Opportunity
This is a valuable investment for any aspiring professional or semi-professional wood worker, any teacher wishing to expand their skills-base or any aspiring furniture designer. It will be of great benefit to any enthusiast or serious hobby woodworker. This is a very rare opportunity to work with two practicing furniture designers.

The Details
Classes run 8:30am to 5pm, Monday 9th to Friday 20th of September, 2019 (the weekend of 14th and 15th is free time). Morning tea will run 10:30am to 11am and Lunch 1pm to 1:30pm. Food and good coffee/tea is provided.

Dunstone Design will supply basic drawing materials, MDF for templates and jigs and some solid timber (Damar Minyak) for experimentation. All abrasives and consumables such as glue and finish are covered by the course fee. A limited range of fine cabinet timbers are available for purchase from Dunstone Design if desired. Monaro Timbers (a local timber merchant) is only 15 mins away.

What to bring
Bring your own sketch book, the bigger the better. We encourage you to bring your favourite hand tools. If convenient, please bring a cordless drill. Please don’t bring other power tools such as routers, Dominos etc.

Please bring your own PPE- a good dust mask, good hearing protection and good eye protection. You will be getting dirty, so wear old clothes. 

Please bring 3 to 5 images of timber-based furniture that inspires you. Please bring a brief for the piece that you would like to work on.

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced wood workers. If you are unsure about your skill level, email or call 0401 404 275 to discuss. 

Class size
The class is limited to 12 students. Adam and Evan will be teaching, with Dunstone Design Craftsman William Bayliss in active support. There will also be a support co-ordinator.

Location, Parking and Accommodation

The Dunstone Design workshop is located at 3/5 Aurora Pl, Queanbeyan, NSW (we are the last workshop in the strata). There is parking for students in the workshop carpark down the driveway. The workshop is only 15 mins from the Canberra airport and we can arrange transfers if required. There are many good Air BnB options, as well as motels in the Queanbeyan area.

Terms and Conditions
The total cost of the Two Week Design & Development Masterclass is $4,500 incl. GST. A deposit of $850 incl. GST is payable on booking. If you wish to discuss this opportunity further prior to booking, contact Evan on email or call 0401 404 275. Your booking is not transferable. A cancellation after Friday 23th August 2019 will forfeit your deposit and/or final payment.

“Hi Evan,

Just a short note to thank you for the masterclass last week.  The course was excellent, the teaching from you and Alex was first rate, and the atmosphere was positive and encouraging to all that attended.

The course very clearly showed how to take a designer/maker one off item and undertake small batch production without any loss of quality or craftsmanship.  It also helped show what it takes to run a high quality furniture making business, and the need for continuously improving how things are done to enhance efficiency of operation and thus financial viability.

I would highly recommend this course to both the designer/maker wanting to understand batch production, and the amateur maker just wanting to understand how a successful furniture business functions.

Thanks again and good luck with your future courses.- Ian S. 2018

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