Jarrah MacFarlane TC Scraper

The MacFarlane TC Scraper cuts on the pull stroke. The blade is a double sided 50mm x 12mm x 1.5mm Tungsten Carbide cutter. This tool is designed to remove glue squeeze out along glue lines, old finish and paint etc. This is the "must have" tool for anyone who glues up a lot of long grain to long grain panels.
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The MacFarlane TC Scraper was designed and refined in the Dunstone Design workshop. We glue up a lot of panels and chair seats, which requires a lot of dried glue to be scraped off. Dried glue can be very hard to remove and will clog abrasives, especially powered abrasives such as a belt sander.

A traditional card scraper requires two hands to use and cuts on the push stroke, which is hard on your hands and requires some form of clamping. The TC Scraper utilises a Tungsten Carbide blade that is tough enough to handle the dried glue. By cutting on the pull stroke, the user can hold the work piece with one hand while pulling the TC Scraper with the other.

The blade is held in position by an aluminum block. To change or flip the blade, use a No.2 square head driver to remove the two screws.Machined lugs in the aluminium block will ensure the correct positioning onece the screws are tightened.

Dimensions: 135mm L x 50mm W x 25mm T. 
This scaper is very comfortable to hold and the TC [Tungsten Carbide] blade easily powers through the dried glue. Happy days; thanks to the team at Dunstone Design for another great workshop accessory” - Damion Fauser 

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