Moravian Style evAnt Portable Workbench

This Moravian style demount-able workbench was developed in association with Anthony Powell to utilize the HNT Gordon tail Vice and the Lake Erie Leg Vice. The Moravian style bench is ideal for the woodworker who either has limited space or needs to be able to regularly relocate a bench by themselves. The Moravian can be disassembled and reassembled by one person in minutes; this bench could even be used in an apartment. The Lake Erie Leg Vice is a delight to use and the HNT Gordon tail vice is simplicity itself.
Shipping and delivery information

Priced from $7040.00 inc. GST

This Moravian style workbench is the last word in demountable work benches. Made from hard rock maple, the bench is solid and robust. We love the fact that it utilises the Lake Erie Leg Vice with Australia's own HNT Gordon tail vice. This is such a handy configuration for the woodworker with limited space or the need to move a bench regularly. It's also smoking hot.

A second section of solid top can also be ordered for this bench (POA).

North American work benches are usually sold with round holes pre-drilled for holdfasts. We have found that our Australian customers prefer to drill their own holes for holdfasts and other such fittings (no two woodworkers ever seem to agree on the number, diameter or location of holes!). Just as it is easy to add salt, but hard to take it away, who wants an unnessesary hole in a workbench? Unless specifically requested, our benches do not feature pre drilled holes.

When ordering a work bench, please consult with Evan ( about the perfect height for your workbench. Please also specifiy if you want a right or a left hand configuration.

When ordering a work bench, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery; we typically build these benches to order. Be aware that shipping workbenches can be an expensive business so brace yourself for the quote. There is no cheap and easy way to ship a  work bench!  
Size: 1700mm L x 610mm W x 900mm H
Timber Types: Hard Rock Maple (pictured).

“The Moravian style bench is the ideal configuration for someone who has limited space but wants an uncompromised bench. This bench is a joy to use.”- Evan Dunstone.

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