White Oak Ubie

The Ubie is an “omni” mallet, ideal for chisel work and “anything else that needs a tap”. All our staff have been using this tool for years. There is something about the Ubie that just fits the hand and makes you want to get down to work.
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Pictured above, left to right; White oak, blackwood and jarrah.

The Ubie is actually based on the front leg of the Clearwater chair. Every time we make a set of Clearwaters, we always make a few extra front legs, just in case we lose a component to a timber fault or a poor colour match. For years now, the Dunstone Design craftsmen have been using these “extra legs” as mallets for fine work (they work so well!).  In 2015 we decided that “enough was enough” and we actually started making them deliberately and started selling them to wood workers.

Ubies come in jarrah, red gum, blackwood, white oak and PNG rosewood. We think that the best "all round" timber is blackwood, but it depends on what you are intending to hit with your Ubie. We always use a blackwood Ubie when we are using our Lie-Neilsen chisels. The harder timber, such as jarrah or red gum, are better suited to Japanese style chisels. 

Dimensions; 400mm L X 42mm dia at the end.
Timber; White oak
“If it needs a good tap, then it needs a good tap from a Ubie!” -Evan Dunstone


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