Beta Stool Kit

Due to the COVID 19 crisis we have seen a run on Beta Stool Kits and we are temporarily out of stock. The Beta Stool Kit was launched at our workshop Open Day on Saturday 6th August 2016. It is now one of the most popular things we have ever designed. When you guys told us "we want a Dunstone Design Stool Kit" it turns out that is exactly what you wanted! The instructions and the drawings are freely available independently of the kit (see the link below), so you can see what is involved. Have a look at the instructions and make sure that you have what it takes to make a Beta Stool for your home.
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Download your Beta Instructions Here.

The Beta Stool Kit was designed by popular demand. After we introduced the Alpha Chair Kit back in 2015, we have been repeatedly asked “when are you going to do a bar stool?” We took the Beta Stool Kit prototype to the 2016 Sydney Timber and Working With Wood Show and we were blown away by the level of interest.

The Beta comes in FSC Victorian blackwood from Corsair Sustainable Timbers. The kit is “hand tool friendly” and comes with a comprehensive set of written instructions and drawings. The Beta comes with all the components precision pre-machined, all the required hardware, floor protectors and gluing-up cauls. All you need are tools, glue and a suitable finish.

Unlike the Alpha Chair Kit, the Beta has no pre-cut joinery; This is hardcore, old school "real" woodwork using hand tools! Now you can make a beautiful stool for your breakfast bar.

The Beta stool design comes off the back of our highly successful Waterfall and Wave stools. You can be confident that these stools are comfortable and strong.

Dimensions; 660mm H x 380 mm x 380mm W 

“The Beta was designed to be completely made using only hand tools. The Beta is old fashioned 'real' woodwork in a contemporary design.”- Evan Dunstone.

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