Combination Pro

If over-all performance is your primary motivator, then the Combination Pro is probably your next workbench. This bench features a Lie Nielsen 18 inch chain vice, a Lie Nielsen tail vice with square dogs, an HNT Gordon face vice and a sliding deadman. The combination rock maple and bamboo sheet construction eliminates timber movement and makes an 850mm wide bench practical. This is the perfect bench for the all-rounder woodworker.
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Priced from $8800.00 inc. GST

A woodworking enthusiast from the Southern Highlands recently asked us “what would your perfect bench look like?”. We thought about this for a while. It would have to be wide enough to handle big glueups. It would also have to be dimensionally stable and rock solid. The legs would have to be flush with the edges of the bench and it would have to have a sliding deadman. It would need a wide vice for panel work and a small vice for general work. It would need a high capacity tail vice. And it would need a removable shelf. The Combination Pro was born. This is a form-follows-function worksbench with zero gimmicks.

We normally place the HNT Gordon face vice directly opposite the Lie Nielsen chain vice on this design This allows the two vices to be used in tandem. Such a configuration requires the workbench to be placed in a way that allows access all around the bench; it cannot be placed against a wall.

We expect to customize these benches to some degree. Tell us what size is ideal for you and we will make the bench you want. North American work benches are usually sold with round holes pre-drilled for holdfasts. We have found that our Australian customers prefer to drill their own holes for holdfasts and other such fittings (no two woodworkers ever seem to agree on the number, diameter or location of holes!). Just as it is easy to add salt, but hard to take it away, who wants an unnessesary hole in a workbench? Unless specifically requested, our benches do not feature pre drilled holes.

When ordering a work bench, please consult with Evan ( about the perfect height for your workbench. Please also specifiy if you want a right or a left hand configuration.

When ordering a work bench, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery; we typically build these benches to order. Be aware that shipping workbenches can be an expensive business so brace yourself for the quote. There is no cheap and easy way to ship a 180kg + work bench!  
Size: 2100mm L x 850mm W x 920mm H (pictured)
Timber Types: Bamboo sheet with hard rock maple (pictured).

“If I was to build new benches for my team, this is the bench I would build. This bench has every feature it needs, and needs every feature it has. ”- Evan Dunstone.

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