Fenella's Sideboard

Beauty and practicality combined. This large sideboard has generous storage and plenty of style. It is the feature piece in the Dunstone's own living room.
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Beauty and function rolled into one. This dramatic piece was commissioned by Fenella Dunstone, the wife of designer Evan Dunstone, to enliven their living room. Made from birdseye and fiddleback blackwood and detailed in African Wenge, this is a beautiful composition. Featuring Dunstone Design's signature “eyeline” sculptural handles, Fenella's Sideboard is a fine example of a commissioned piece.

Size: 950mm H x 2100mm W x 400mm D.

Timber Types: Jarrah or blackwood.
“Fenella was nervous because I told her I was making this piece out of left over blackwood. I didn’t tell her it was all the left over figured blackwood. This was an un-orthodox composition but it really worked.”- Evan Dunstone