Gentleman's Press

This gentleman's press in jarrah and red gum was commissioned by a client who wanted a modern take on a traditional form. John was very specific about the different types of storage he required, down to the number of hats and the amount of space for shoes. The design is both dramatic and practical. This piece features our classic "Arch" handles in figured red gum with wenge.
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Traditional forms of furniture can sometimes feel a little restrictive to the designer, however sometimes “tipping the hat” toward tradition can take you interesting places. The use of materials, the oil finish, the fine tolerances and the pared-back form all show the contemporary nature of this piece, while the logic of the over-all form is quite 19th Century. This was a particularly satisfying piece to make and the client was delighted with it.

This piece was crafted by Evan Dunstone with assistance from apprentice William Bayliss.

Size: 1000mm W x 2100mm H x 450 mm D.

Timber Types: Pictured in jarrah and river red gum with figured red gum and wenge Arch handles.
“This was the first time I had designed and made a Gentleman's Press. It's not a configuration you see much any more. John was very clear about what he was after, without trying to dictate the design. ”- Evan Dunstone 

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