Joe's CD Cabinet

This little CD cabinet in silver ash and jarrah was commissioned as a special anniversary present by a husband for his wife . The couple have an extensive collection of music and the cabinet will give them pleasure every day. The client was after a very understated piece that let the timber and the craftsmanship do the talking.
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We normally make traditional "wood on wood" drawers, but this cabinet really called for modern mechanisms. The client didn’t want drawer pulls and the drawers themselves are low to the ground. In this situation, mechanisms are ideal.

This piece pictured was made from some beautiful old wide boards of silver ash that we had been "sitting on" for a decade. The lightly figured timber was perfect for the mitred dovetail construction.

Size: 900mm H x 600mm W x 450 mm D.

Timber Types: Pictured in silver ash with jarrah dividers.
“This CD cabinet was such a good use of this old silver ash. I had been sitting on these boards for ages, waiting for the right project. ”- Evan Dunstone