Kingston Unit

This big entertainment unit was designed and made for a couple moving into a refurbished Kingston apartment. This piece was designed in collaboration with a Sydney based interior designer. The piece is made from American white oak and Letto bamboo board.
Shipping and delivery information

Priced from $17050.00 inc. GST

We were approached by a high-profile Sydney interior designer to design and make a dramatic entertainment unit for some prominent clients who were moving to Canberra. This piece had to be the focus of the room, but could not overwhelm the space.

In addition to the function and aesthetics desired, there was also limited access to the apartment for such a large piece. The design had to be made in sections and transported up in the elevator and re-assembled insitu.

Dimesions; 2400mm L x 1900 mm H x 450mm D

Timbers; American white oak and Letto bamboo ply. Other timber on request.
 “The Kingston Unit was a collaborative project between us, the interior designer and the end client. The project came together beautifully.” –Evan Dunstone.