Furniture - Classes, Workbenches, Tools and Kits

Dunstone Design has developed a range of workbenches, tools and kits for woodworking enthusiasts. Our Workbenches are made without compromise using the finest mechanisms. Lie Nielsen, Benchcrafted, Lake Erie and Gordon are all of a similar quality and logic. Each company brings different inspiration and criteria to their fittings, and this is as it should be. It would be silly indeed to argue that there is only one mechanism or system that is ideal for all occasions. As professional makers who specializes in chairs, employ staff and have 650 square meters of workshop to play with, room is the least of our worries; the Moravian workbench would not be ideal for our workshop. If you are working out of a townhouse garage and your woodworking is recreational, then the Moravian style bench is ideal. By contrast, if you have a dedicated shed and you do a wide range of woodwork, you might would lean towards the Lie Nielsen bench. We have developed the MacFarlane Bowsander and TC Scraper for our own use, then brought those tools to the wider woodworking community. What ever piece of equipment we have developed, you can be assured that it is all built to exacting Dunstone Design standards.