Autumn 2015 newsletter - In brief

Thursday, March 26 2015

Craftsman Adrian Olasau will be joining the Dunstone Design team this May. Adrian graduated from the Sturt School for Wood last year and has been working for craftsman Stuart Bywater in Brisbane for the last few months. Adrian was honoured with the “Top New Talent” award in 2014 by the Studio Woodworker’s Association and has already been involved in an exhibition with Craft ACT. Read more about Adrian


In an ironic twist, long time Dunstone Design team member Dan Mansson will be moving to Brisbane at the end of the year to be closer to his wife’s family. Unfortunately for Dan, there are almost no opportunities to work at this level as a woodworker in the Brisbane area, so he has dropped back to one day a week in our workshop while he retrains at TAFE. The quiet Swede will be missed for his dry humour and fine craftsmanship.

Danish maker Rasmus Trustrup

Danish maker Rasmus Trustrup is visiting us for three months from Copenhagen. Rasmus is studying at The Danish School of Fine Arts, Furniture Design. His visit is supported by the Danish Government and goes towards his education as a craftsman. Rasmus leaves us in the first week of May.


I recently made a re-finishing video to show you how to touch up our furniture at home. Please see: Evan Dunstone - Refinishing
Episode 11 of “Crafting a Life” is now up at Crafting a Life - Episode 11