From the Workshop

Thursday, November 14 2013

Rolf Oiling timber furniture
“When I tell other young people that I am a fine furniture craftsman, they often respond with ‘Oh, so you’re a carpenter?’ I reply with ‘no, I’m a furniture maker; I make furniture that is high craft.’ I then have the frustration of explaining the difference between “ordinary” timber furniture and that which I do.

Despite the challenge, I have to remind myself that most people in their twenties have never experienced craft furniture. I accept the challenge that it is my job to explain to my peers what furniture can be. It generally only takes a little exposure for them to realise the comfort of considered design and the warmth of good craftsmanship. Maybe some appreciation will develop for the considered timber composition, smooth oiled surfaces, detailed arises and visible joinery.

I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up with quality things; I’m sure that’s why I’m obsessed with the integrity of my craft (and everything else in life, from pickles and jam through to cars and houses).

In a time when many skills and resources are gone (or hold on by a thread) in Australia, I am pleased to contribute to, and be provided for, by the craft. It is my disposition to see our culture cultivate such skills and ideals, so that they can be the norm rather than the exception.”

Rolf Barfoed,
Furniture Craftsman at Dunstone Design