House of Dunstone

Tuesday, March 18 2014

I have lost count of the number of times that some enthusiast has asked if they could make one of our chair designs. We have had people turn up to our showroom with a pad, tape measure and pencil and think that they will be able to pop out a Clearwater chair or a Cascade rocking chair by taking a few annotated sketches. Well, good luck to them I say. If only it was that easy.

In fact, I would love to introduce more people to the art and science of chairmaking. That is why I developed the Alpha Chair Kit. Those of you with an eagle eye will realise that the Alpha Chair Kit is derived from the Sabine chair. This design, more than any of my other designs, lends itself to personalisation by an enthusiast.

The Alpha Chair Kit is still a fairly serious piece of woodwork; it not a piece of Ikea. Anyone who takes on the Alpha will need a reasonable level of experience as well as some simple but quality tools.

The Alpha Chair Kit is brought to you by the House of Dunstone. Go to It is called the Alpha because this is our first foray into woodworking kits. There will be other chairs, hall tables and coffee tables to follow.

The Dunstone Design brand is reserved for pieces made by my master craftsmen here at the workshop. House of Dunstone provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to make a chair designed by me in in their own workshop.