Sabine Chair

Monday, July 8 2013

Sabine Chair by Evan Dunstone

I have been buying premium Victorian blackwood from Denis Brown of Corsair Sustainable Timbers, Yackandandah, for over a decade. Earlier this year, Denis observed that he had accumulated a very significant stockpile of timber shorts as a by-product of the milling and docking process. The unusual lengths and variable widths of the stock limited the market for this otherwise beautiful timber. Denis couldn’t bear the thought of the timber going to waste, but he couldn’t keep on storing it indefinitely, either.

I explained to Denis that I couldn’t use the timber for “normal” Dunstone Design chairs; it doesn’t allow for the careful colour matching and sensitive grain selection our clients expect. Denis suggested that I design an “everyman” chair that utilized his beautiful timber but wasn’t trying to be the full Dunstone Design experience. He urged me to “design a chair that everyone can afford and enjoy- make the quintessential Australian family dining chair.”

The result is the Sabine. The Sabine is a “distilled” design that takes full advantage of Corsair Sustainable Timber’s unique resource and our skills to bring you an affordable all-Australian contemporary timber chair. The Sabine is the child of nearly 20 years of considering ergonomics and chair design; the result is a wonderfully comfortable seating solution that is accessible to a wider audience. The Sabine will find its place as an informal or family dining chair, a kitchen chair, around the breakfast table, in the holiday house or even as a robust restaurant chair.

The Sabine is our first piece of furniture to be branded House of Dunstone. If Dunstone Design is haute couture, House of Dunstone is ready-to-wear.
The House of Dunstone By Evan Dunstone