Spring 2015 Newsletter - From The Workshop

Friday, October 23 2015

Our best known design is without doubt the Waterfall stool. Believe it or not, this beautiful Swan started off as an ugly duckling. Way back in 1999 I was asked to design a simple kitchen stool for some clients. They didn’t want to pay very much, so it was a struggle to come up with something nice but original.

The exercise started me thinking about stools. I could see that there was the “bones” of a good stool here, but the actual prototype was ugly; its job was to solve the ergonomic problem. The answer came to me one Sunday afternoon in 2000, and within a week the first version of the Waterfall Stool was born. I only made about 20 examples of this version of the stool, most of which sold through the Bungendore Woodworks Gallery.

The other day, one of these original versions came in to our workshop for a refurbishment. None of my staff had even seen one of these, so it was fun to play “spot the difference”. The most obvious thing is the “bulge” at the top of the leg (what was I thinking??) and the spacing of the slats. What a blast from the past!

Check out this video