Wave stool

Thursday, November 14 2013

Wave stool by Dunstone Design

Many of you already own a Waterfall stool; after more than a decade, the Waterfall is still one of our biggest selling designs. A couple of years ago, after many requests for a stool with a back, I designed the Tamar stool. This year I got the design bug to make a stool with a structural solid seat; meet the Wave stool. While it is obvious that the Wave is a close relative of the Waterfall, the solid seat gives the Wave a very different energy. For some reason I think of the Waterfall as female and the Wave as male.

The Wave stool stemmed from the project to design seating solutions using blackwood shorts, but the resulting design is too good to limit. The Wave stool is on our showroom floor in time for Christmas and is also available in jarrah. 

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