Our Pricing

We are sometimes asked about our pricing. We are not “normal” furniture makers who produce a large volume of identical things and sell them for the lowest price. We are probably better compared to a mechanic, who works directly on one project at a time and charges an hourly rate for his or her time, skill and experience. All our pricing is a function of the time and materials it takes to make a piece.

The “normal” furniture world generally plays with price to meet people’s expectations. A classic example is bedside tables verses hall tables.  There is often more work in a nice bedeside table than there is in an equally nice hall table; a single bedside table should be at least as much as a hall table in price. Many people are prepared to spend a bit more on a nice hall table than they are on a bedside table, so they “expect” the bedside tables to be cheaper. Industry recognises this and often raises the margin on one and lowers the margin on the other to iron things out to meet people’s expectation. We simply price all our work on the time + materials formula. We sell the "value" of an hour of our time equally, irrespective of the project.

The pricing of commissions is always challenging, as we have to anticipate the time it takes to make a completely new design. Occasionally, our quote exceeds what a potential client is prepared to spend on the project in question. When this happens, it is best to set a clear budget for us so that we can design within the brief. 

Most people are surprised at what little impact to the price of something your choice of timber sometimes makes. Our work is high in labour and a few extra hours of work often has more impact than your timber choice (this is esspecially true of commissions). That said, figured timbers come at a premium and can really affect price. For example, figured Otway blackwood is extremely rare and getting rarer. We only use logs off private land, and given that we are talking about 150 year old trees, there is obviously a limit to availability. You definitely pay a big premium for this quality of wood.

Some people wonder why buying many of something, particularly chairs, doesn’t attract a bigger discount. Because we carefully colour match everything, making 12 perfectly matching chairs is actually harder than making six perfectly matching chairs. Naturally, we get some manufacturing advantage, but it is not as much as you might think.

As bespoke makers, we keep very little “stock”. Much of what is in the showroom is to show you what we can do, rather than presenting ready-to-buy pieces. Waterfall stools are our most popular design and we always have stock. They are made from our offcuts and we make them in large batches (usually 20 at a time). We have been able to keep the price of the Waterfalls down as a result.

Our Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our furniture. We will repair or replace anything that goes wrong with either the craftsmanship or materials of a piece you buy from us. We define “lifetime” as the lifetime of the original purchaser. Obviously, normal wear-and-tear is not covered, nor is damage through misuse.

If you live outside the Canberra region, we reserve the right to have a local restorer look at the piece to make an assessment. We also reserve the right to engage a local restorer to undergo any repairs on our behalf.

We are only able to offer this lifetime guarantee because our work is designed to last a lifetime.